Bangladesh has never been about repressing Islam. It’s about respect for people of other religion. The present giovernment is not perfect, rather we can call it corrupt and non-democratic, to a great extent (a problem, typical of most of countries in the world) But we can’t blame Bangladesh or Awami League government to be anti-Islam. How can someone… say this. No conscientious person can do this. Anyone who spread such lies must have a hidden agenda. Whatever that agenda is, it is against humanity. Jamaat and Islam can never be synonymous. The atrocities they coimmitted in 1971 had nothing to do with islam. They were trying to help Pakistan and Pakistan’s act was never to preserve Islam. Whatever they 1947-1971 was completely unislamic and inhuman. So this guy is trying to spread such a false message and you’ll be sitting there and do nothing! If you’re a good muslim, you’ll stand up and protest him. Please attend this event and express your opposition to this paerson spreading fundamenalism which actually goes against the core values of Islam.